Hello everyone decided to do another AMV article this time focusing on my five Favorite Black Lagoon AMV. This is not really a review of the AMV but more of a description as to why I like the videos, so I will not be giving scores or anything like that to their various aspects such as

Black Lagoon is hands down one of my favorite series in the past 10 years it has great characters, good stories great action and a fantastic English dub. Honestly think it sounds better in English just due to the fact the bulk of the main characters are either American or European.

I originally watched it in Japanese and that version is still very good. If you want a more grown up anime series with very little fan service that focus on characters that are not teens then you can not go wrong with Black Lagoon. With out much further ado onto the list.


1. Ignition

Song Used: Ignition by Toby Mac

AMV Edited By: TheLastSamurai2011

Reasons I Like It: First off for those of you who do not know TobyMac is a Christian rapper so it is kind of odd that a song of his would be picked for a violent anime that is Black Lagoon. That being said the song really works with the video. There is a not a lot of fancy editing in the video. I do like how throughout the video he syncs up the lips with the lyrics. He does have some very cool scenes showing up over the current scene but not distracting you from what is happening. Also like how he sometimes syncs up the lyrics with what is showing in the scene. Also has some great transitions from one scene to another.

2. To Be Loved

Song Used: To be Loved by Papa Roach

AMV Edited By: Fleon Uchiha

Reasons I Like It: For one reason it uses my favorite Papa Roach song, also the song works really well with the anime especially in regards to Revy this could almost be her theme song.


I like the editing in this video is great has great transitions from scene to scene, and quite a number of times the action is edited to fit what is happening especially in regards to the drums like at a minute 49 seconds and other times in the video. Also much like the song the action going on in the video never lets up.

3. Black Betty

Song Used: Black Betty cover by Spiderbait, original version Ram Jam.

AMV Edited By: Talanock he only has on other AMV

Reasons I Like It: Well for one thing do not see too many AMV using a RamJam song. Also the video is edited very well like in the beginning with Roberta where it times her shot gun blasts with the song or at 1 minute 49 seconds where Duch punching Roberta’s hand syncs up with the song. The editor did a really good job of syncing the action up with the music especially when it came to syncing gunshots up with the music. Also it is just an all around fun song to listen to and video to watch. My favorite part though is the ending where the song ends right when Roberta and Revy punch each ther.


4. Gold Gun Girls

Song Used: Gold Gun Girls by Metric

AMV Edited By: SamintorDavis

Reasons I Like It: Well for one thing the song rocks seriously the album it titled Fantasies is fantastic. Also at certain parts they had effects that go along with the song. Not a lot of fancy editing or syncing up lips with the lyrics but the reason I like the video is because of it’s simplicity.


5. Dance Floor

Song Used: I Bet You Look Good on the Dance Floor by Arctic Monkey’s

AMV Edited By: Unkown the original owner deleted and it was uploaded again by a person who happened to have is saved.


Reasons I Like It: Well for one thing it uses an Arctic Monkey’s song and the song is very catchy and works very well with the song. Love how much of the lips moving in the video are synced up very well with the lyrics. Also the very beginning where the drinking glasses being slammed downed are synced up with the drums same with the initial action scene, throughout the video the actions is synced very well with the music. Love how they show a shot of Roberta when you hear the lyric “ A Robot from 1984 “ If you have seen Black Lagoon you appreciate that moment because Rock makes that reference himself.

The AMV is just so darn catch and the song just works so well just pumps me up every time I watch it.

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